Grand Bahamas Entry Requirements

Additional Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Important Information

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Important Documents 

* All travel documents must be valid for at least one month from the date of travel.

The US government also requires that all US citizens over 16 years of age must have a valid passport, passport card or other proof of citizenship and also a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, or any other compliant document when traveling on the Bahamas shuttle boat to and from the Bahamas.

Entry Requirement Visas

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas does not require visas. However, when entering the Bahamas, you will receive an immigration card to complete and sign. This card also has a carbon copy. You must keep this carbon copy until you leave the island, at which time it must be turned into authorities. A departure tax must be paid before you can exit the country.

Proof of Citizenship Examples

  • Certified U.S. birth certificate, originals with a seal on it .
  • Original certificate of U.S.

Additionally, passengers who already applied for a passport cannot use those naturalization papers. Furthermore, U.S. citizens 15 years of age or under and born in the US also require a state issued birth certificate by the department of health & vital statistics or a valid US passport. Please note that copies of birth certificates are not acceptable.

Contact Bahamian Consulate

     Bahamian Consulate Miami:

Tel: 305-373-6295

Fax: 305-373-6312

Additional Requirements

American citizens born outside the United States who are 15 years old or younger also require either a valid US passport or an original naturalization certificate, accompanied by a valid photo ID.

Passport application receipts will not be accepted for travel. Legal alien residents must also present their alien resident card. Additionally, legal alien residents that are Bahamian citizens must also present their Bahamian passport to authorities.

  • Canadian citizens must have either a Canadian passport or a Canadian citizenship ID AND another valid Canadian government-issued photo id.
  • All other travelers must also have valid passports from their country of origin along with a multiple entry US visa and, if necessary, a Bahamian visa, (please check with the Bahamian consulate).

A Note About Minors Traveling: A notarized letter must be presented by the parent when a minor travels with only one parent. A notarized letter must also be presented if traveling with non-parents. The letter should further indicate that the non-parents are authorized to travel outside the country with the minor.

Permanent Resident passengers must have their valid I.D. card on them at all times.